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Our History

The Guaranty State Bank & Trust Company had its beginnings during the days following the First World War. During the war times bank charters were easy to come by, and two new banks started business in Beloit. The result was five banks competing for business.

Before long it became evident that there was not enough business for five banks. As some loose practices, encouraged by the intense competition, had weakened the two new banks, it was decided to merge Mitchell County State Bank and the American State Bank.

This was done on January 23, 1922. The new bank opened under the name of The Guaranty State Bank with E. N. Daniels, M D., President; E. E. Booker, Vice-President; C. R. Hubbard, as Cashier and managing officer; and H. E. Heidrick, Assistant Cashier. The new bank had taken over the charter of the Mitchell County State Bank and occupied the building acquired from that bank across the street north of our present location.

Two mergers figured in the history of The Guaranty State Bank. On February 29, 1928, the bank assumed the deposits of the Mitchell County Farmers Union Bank which had opened April 16, 1927. After the “Bank Holiday” in 1933 the deposits of the Beloit State Bank were also acquired.

Where We Are Today

With our Kansas roots dating back a hundred years, we still haven’t stopped growing to better meet your needs. With our digital banking services, you can take Guaranty on the Go — anywhere you go. And why settle? Don’t even get us started on our flexible agriculture loans that help local farmers continue to thrive. You see, we are a part of the communities we serve. So, providing the right products and services to our customers is as simple as helping out a neighbor.

Please visit us to find out more about what makes our bank unique, or open your account online to start your journey.