The Guaranty State Visa Check Card looks like a credit card, but is actually a check substitute! You can make purchases wherever you see the VISA logo and the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your checking account.

Use it 24-hours a day to access your Guaranty State Bank accounts at ATM locations everywhere. Get cash, transfer between accounts, even check your balance at any location displaying the TransFund or CIRRUS symbol. If you would like an application for the Guaranty State Bank Visa Check Card, please call or e-mail us.



Get personal. Sign your card as soon as you receive it.

Trust your memory. Don't write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card. Memorize your PIN, or if necessary, store the number in a safe place, separate from your wallet or wherever you keep your card. If you select your PIN, select one that's easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. Don't use your birthday, phone number, or social security number as your PIN.

Keep it secret. Never give your PIN number to another person, especially a stranger.

Be prepared. Make and store a record of your card numbers along with telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards. If you lose it, report it. Call The Guaranty State Bank immediately if your card is lost or stolen. Your timely response can help protect your account. There is a $10.00 fee to replace lost or stolen cards.

Save the receipt. Save your sales receipt and review them against your account statement, making sure the information is correct. If you see a purchase you don't recognize, contact The Guaranty State Bank immediately.

Keep a secret. Tear up and discard any sales slip copies you don't need. Strangers can use your account numbers to make unauthorized purchases, or counterfeit your card.

Too good to be true? Never give your card number to anyone or any organization to receive a "free" gift.



Have you used The Guaranty's telebanking service? This service allows you to monitor your checking and savings account balances, verify a particular check amount, see if a check has cleared your account, transfer between accounts and even make a loan payment!

Try this service out by phoning 738-9988 (Beloit) or toll free 866-738-9988. It is simple and easy to use!



Gift cards are available at all four locations. Please contact your bank for more information.



Use our online banking service.