Opinions and Blogs, What's the Difference?    

November 2017  

Hello to all our customers and friends,

            Harvest is in full force and yields, while variable, have been pretty good. There are a few areas Mother Nature skipped over with precipitation, diminishing production in both corn and beans. Milo seems to be the lagging crop due to late planting and uneven emergence has caused later maturing areas in many fields. A predicted cold snap should get milo harvest in step with other crops; hopefully without hurting test weights. On top of the milo issue, this itch weed has been climbing in price going past corn at many market locations, especially markets favoring exports. Across the state milo prices vary from 30¢ less than corn (way out west) to 25¢ more than corn (in the Salina markets).

                        Cattle prices are better than expected and have some profit in most segments, depending on the quality and purchase price. Packer profits being reported from several different sources indicate they are making $300 per head. The main cause of their good fortune is that exports of beef continue to increase. Perhaps if you have the wherewithal to comply with all the needed requirements of the Chinese market you could cash in on your own cattle. But from my perspective you would need a lot of help in attaining that goal.

            My soapbox is high and opinionated and, as with most people, it has been influenced by my life experiences. I have a limited amount of tolerance for liberal ideals but am open-minded enough to at least listen, think through and evaluate. My level of patriotism stems from my mom’s twin brother, Paul, being splattered somewhere in Korea and being listed MIA. I get irritated when even at a high school game the players or crowd members cannot be at attention for the national anthem. Therefore the hypocrite Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem while drawing more money per year than what most middle class folks earn in a lifetime really infuriates me. Take some of his overpaid wages and do something positive with it instead of tearing down and diminishing the very emotions of patriotism, sacrifice and courage that inspired others to open doors for him to be allowed to do what he enjoys. To me, sports are the uplifting of the human spirit. Success in sports is 85% ability and at least 25% heart to arrive at the 110% necessary to be a winner. Oh, I understand the owner’s position. If they irritate or bench some star player, it may take the team out of contention for the big money playoffs. Money, fame and sportswriters have ruined professional sports for me. I applaud those that have burned their NFL tickets, jerseys and flags.

 That’s just me.  Until next month, Myron