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New Year's Resolutions - How are you at keeping New Year's Resolutions?

Do you have the best of intentions, only to forget them when life returns to its normal, fast pace as the new year progresses? Well, the Guaranty State Bank is here to help!

Saving money – whether it is for education, retirement, or personal use – is a common goal for most of us. We may periodically set aside a few dollars for our nest egg or our kids’ or grandkids’ education, but wouldn’t it be easier if a customized, scheduled savings plan was automatically in place so you wouldn’t even have to think about it? We can do that!

Consider one of these popular plans:
• An annual investment in a personal CD
• A monthly transfer from your account to an Educational CD or savings account for a family member
• Annual or monthly contributions to an IRA
• A monthly transfer out of your paycheck into a savings account

Any of these options can be customized to your particular needs and set up by one of our friendly staff. Wouldn’t it be great to put your good intentions in our hands and know that your resolutions are actually being carried out? You’ll be surprised how a small, regular investment will grow over time – and you won’t even have to remember to do it! Stop in to visit with us about your own customized savings plan.