Meet the Newest member of the Guaranty team

Joel Ensey recently joined The Guaranty’s staff as Asst. Vice President/Compliance Officer.  He  married Laura Randall (S & S Drug) in May.  Joel is originally from Valley Center and graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in criminal justice and Spanish and then later, Washburn University graduating with a Juris Doctor.  He was Assistant County Attorney in Seward County.  Joel has three older brothers.  In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.



what's this about emv?

By this point you’ve probably heard about EMV. You may have even received a new EMV credit card in the mail from your credit provider. But what does EMV really mean? EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa and is an international standard for cards that use a chip embedded in them for a more secure transaction.


 When will I receive my new Guaranty Visa Check card with the EMV chip?

We plan on rolling them out starting early March 2016 based on your expiration date

Will this change how I use my Visa Check card?

Yes, if the merchants terminal is capable of reading a chip card, the card must be inserted and wait for authorization before removing your card. The transaction ends when the receipt is being printed. If the card is removed before the end of a transaction, the settlement will not be processed.

 Remember, you can still use your card like you normally would at merchants without chip terminals and for online purchases, too. However, always use caution when shopping online!


Mark your calendars!

We are gearing up for our Christmas open houses this year!  The dates have been picked and we invite you to stop by any of our locations and enjoy some snacks with us……….we would love the chance to visit with you at the following locations:

 Monday, December 14…..Esbon

Tuesday, December 15…..Beloit

Wednesday, December 16…..Smith Center

Thursday, December 17…..Burr Oak

Friday, December 18…..Jewell


 Christmas Shopping Ideas @ The Guaranty State Bank & Trust Company 

Mastercard Gift Cards, Coin Sets, Billfolds

Cookbooks, Solomon Valley Cinema Gift Certificates

Eternity Focus C.D.s and of course, CASH! 


The Guaranty State Bank Trust Department

Congratulations!  You have taken the step and successfully implemented an estate plan.  But there is another critical step - doing a periodic review and update.  How often and what items should be reviewed?

  • Every year for large estates (over the applicable exclusion amount).
  • Every 5 years for small estates (under the applicable exclusion amount).
  • Personal/family situations such as marital status for self, children, grandchildren; adoption of child, grandchild; death of spouse, child, grandchild; you or family member becomes ill or incapacitated; parents/others become dependent on you.
  • Economic changes: changes in asset values, income level, change in job or location, retirement.
  • Major transactions have occurred: received inheritance or similar disposition; borrowed or lent substantial amounts of money; become involved in a lawsuit.
  • Death of trustee/executor/guardian:  a named individual has died or changed their mind about serving.  Replace them by naming a long lasting entity - The Guaranty Trust Department
  • Use your common sense.  Your priorities and values may change over time.

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Travis Ray - Farm Manager