A Change of Perspectives

August 2016

 Hello to all our customers and friends,

       The outlook in our trade area for fall crops is shaping up to be impressive, especially with the recent .5” to 2” of rain.  While traveling this week, about 100 miles south, I only observed a few slightly rolled leaves on a small area in a milo field that was probably sitting in a bindweed patch.  Corn and milo fields are really looking good. With the very adequate precipitation, pastures are doing well and the only negative is the fact weeds got ahead of the sprayer and are now towering in the milo and bean fields.  Because of the weeds fall harvest may be a challenge for the combine crews.  Then once it is harvested, where in the world will it go???  In some locals wheat is now cheaper than corn and will be going into feedlot rations.  Storage will be a premium for sure as a recent news article pointed out the need to store wheat on parking lots.  One of the temporary solutions is bagging.  While traditionally they were known as silage bags, they are being utilized to store wet distillers grains and dry grain.  Some of this was due to the necessity of identity preserved grains for special uses and remote locations to hasten harvest by alleviating the need for trucking from the field to a distant elevator or grain bin.  Seems to be about 8-10 cents per bushel for cost, and of course it is not permanent, but recent information indicates much improvement in bag quality.   

             As I’ve mentioned in past articles, perception is important to anyone’s stand on an issue.  Even the degree of the perception can be significant.  A few weeks ago while at the farm I had the pleasure of having my 11 year old (going on 18) granddaughter in the tractor with me as I was stacking bales.  She was in the buddy seat all belted in and we were discussing heifers, steers and cows when she asked, “Grandpa what is your biggest pet peeve?”  I immediately without hesitation answered, “Stupid People!”  I then asked her what her biggest pet peeve was and she answered, “When people leave the toilet seat up”.  My response was, “Baby girl, who would leave a toilet seat up?”  As she smiled we both said, “A stupid person.”  I explained to her she needed to broaden her perspectives to a more general overview.  Grandkids are priceless and the best endorphin generators in the world.   Until next month, Myron