I'm Baaack!

December 2014

        After a two month reprieve I guess I’m back to rambling on to finish the year.  The weather has been unpredictable as usual but for the most part it cooperated with fall harvest.  We have only had a short cold blast and no snow.  Fall harvest was good for most but not so good for Mitchell County residents due to the hail storms.  The hail was freakish in timing but I’ve learned at different seminars the storms are likely to get more severe. 

     With the grain prices as low as they are it has been encouraging to see the milo price climb past corn.  It seems the Chinese have developed a taste for milo and possibly that can be taken literally.  I read an article about how the Chinese make a wine from fermenting milo and that further distilling produces something similar to vodka.  They also find the non GMO status of milo attractive.  I’m suspecting that when the Chinese get the allotment they want milo will return to the corn price arena.

     Cattle markets have continued to reach all-time high prices and the cattle report last week seemed to find more cattle than any one guessed.  Typical situation when the market is so high the prevailing pressure is to the downside. It will likely rebound on the fact that there are not as many cattle as there used to be and herd rebuilding has not went into full force.  Cows including bred heifers and open replacement heifers are bringing real premiums making cattlemen rethink purchases and retention.

     The elections are over and I am still waiting for apologies from the candidates, winners or losers, for the distasteful manner in which the campaigns were ran.  What a waste of money, manpower and airtime.   No wonder Washington and the government are in such a general state of gridlock and public dissatisfaction.  So many lies and distortions that I don’t think the truth could be recognized if presented with valid facts.  As for the present situations in the U.S. and abroad, I don’t think I could express my displeasure tactfully in a nice enough way as not to be offensive, so I will follow mom’s advice that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

     Land prices seem to be leveling off.  Cheap grain has a tendency to bring some reality to the land market that can be offset by the neighbor who has been eyeing a particular piece of land for years.  When I state that, I recall that in the Midwest, pasture land has increased at twice the rate of tillable ground in the last year. 

     Since this is the last newsletter of the year I need to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a blessed and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  May 2015 see some correction of the paths we seem to be on.  We need some balance restored to this world we live in starting at home and spreading to all corners of the globe.  Until next year.  Myron