Banking Away at The Guaranty

April 2014

First National Bank of Smith Center is excited to be acquired by a great bank, Guaranty State Bank and Trust Company.

A little history on First National Bank of Smith Center.......The First National Bank was chartered on August 6th, 1886 by the Comptroller of the Currency. A pioneer strength is evident in those who founded the bank. This was characteristic of those who lived in Smith County during the 1880's. It was these pioneers who called a dugout 'home' and made the unplowed prairie their livelihood. Many had ventured to an uncertain destiny in Smith County with all of their earthly belongings packed in a covered wagon. A local population explosion was fueled by Civil war veterans seeking to establish homesteads. Such was the environment in which The First National Bank was born. It is the oldest chartered bank in Smith County and merged with the First State Bank of Bellaire and the State Bank of Athol during the 1930's. The First National Bank's first home was a small frame building. A new building was erected in 1889 and the building it currently occupies was built in 1930. The First National Bank was the culmination of 127 years of many bankers who dedicated their lives to the success of the bank and the surrounding community.

John Overmiller's family Smith County roots have provided excellent credentials leading an institution rich in Smith County heritage since 1882. He started his venture in banking in 1969 when he was elected to the Board of Directors and served as agricultural representative. In 1983, John and his wife, Joan, purchased First National Bank. He has served as President and Board Chairman. At the time of the acquisition, their son-in-law, Burke Phelps, was serving as President.

Our entire banking family is excited to see the bank that we have been a part of for so long become part of The Guaranty State Bank and Trust Company with a very similar approach to banking and a great appreciation for our way of life in rural Kansas. Guaranty State Bank and Trust Company is fully committed to community banking, personal relationships with agricultural, commercial, individual, family, trust and investment services.

We wish to thank all our many customers and welcome The Guaranty State Bank and Trust Company to Smith County.

Guest Editor, Kimberly Phelps