Because Life Is More than Money             

 “I come from a good home. We’re Christians. But, we don’t believe all that stuff about going to church every week and all the do’s and don’ts. I mean really, no sex except between two married people of the opposite sex, for example. How I am in my personal life is my business and nobody else’s. My parents love my brothers and me. We are a really close knit family including my grandparents and cousins. We believe in God. We do lots of good things for our neighbors and in our community. Don’t try to tell me to give 10% of my income to a church and wait for sex until I’m married and all that other stuff. That stuff may be true for you, but it’s not right for me. It doesn’t work for me. I’m a good person! What do you think you’ve got that I don’t have?” That was some of the response of a young man to an older man telling him about Biblical Christianity.

Before I type more of this real story, please consider these basics. God is the Architect, the Creator/Builder, the Maintainer and the Owner for each of us. His ownership is by right of design, by right of creation, by right of maintaining us. Without God and His work not one of us would exist. If He didn’t maintain us and the universe, the universe would implode and we would not have a next breath or heartbeat. Additionally, Jesus is identical to God. He is the original, the first “Chip off the Old Block”. Jesus is just like His Dad! The Bible is Jesus written down in words to make the Word of God. The Word of God is the Bible.  The Bible is the Truth! A true/real Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ who wants to be like Jesus by living according to the Bible.

The older man explained to the young man “Biblical Christianity is Christianity lived out by one who believes Jesus Christ is God’s Son. Further, a Christian believes by faith that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was God’s ultimate statement to all people, “I (God) really, really love you!” The older man went on to say that God’s desire to tell us about Himself will always be more than our desire to know Him. By God wanting each of us to know Him well He communicates to us He wants an intimate relationship with us. That means He wants to reach from His distant throne and get involved in my life and yours. If it seems good and right for you to know what your girlfriend likes so you can please her, does it not make sense that you should want to know what makes God happy. Your Heavenly Dad loves you more than your girlfriend is able to love you. He can make you happier than anyone or anything else. No one, nothing can beat our Heavenly Dad’s love for us nor what He can do for us. An appropriate attitude towards  that kind of Dad, is to live like He wants us to live. We adopt His Truth and surrender our truth. So the right and wrong of having sex, how we spend our money and all other aspects of life are determined by our Heavenly Dad as He has written in His Bible. Man is not capable of discerning for himself, apart from God, how to live life and make the right daily choices. Our feelings of pleasure, self-gratification, everybody does it, it’s not hurting anybody and other self-justifications will too often trump our making the right choice.”

I agree with the older Christian. Our heavenly Dad does want the best, most joyous life for us. He wants us to enjoy and experience the pleasures of His creation. As our earthly father often knows what is best for us, even more so does our Heavenly Father. He loves us unconditionally when we are good and when we are doing wrong. But, His love is strong enough to draw us back to living His way. Real belief in God is always proved or verified by a changed life. And the changes are towards becoming more and more like Jesus. We are changed from making our own decisions about right and wrong to letting God call the shots. Genuine belief is always connected to and revealed by how we live – the choices we make.

Happy knowing your Heavenly Dad and responding to His great love for you!


                                                                                                            Doug Johnson