Because Life Is More than Money 

             At our staff meeting this morning one of us shared this little bit of humor. A church’s pastor was preparing for the worship service in which he was going to ask his congregation to give a special offering pledge to help repair the church’s building from recent storm damage. The organist for that Sunday was a substitute for the regular organist. Before the service began the pastor carefully instructed the organist to play a fitting song after he made his plea for pledges. Now in the service the pastor is making his plea, “…whoever will pledge $100 or more please stand.” Immediately the substitute organist played “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Plenty of money was pledged that Sunday to fix the building and the substitute organist became the regular organist.

           How wonderful it is to have people alongside of us ready to help in just the right way for the particular situation we are in. Those folks are a special blessing.

           Almost all weeks I have the privilege of coordinating and helping our church’s musicians. I am not a musician, but I have learned a few things about music and musicians. Both can be very particular – sheet music all in the same key for all of the musicians and the right height of stool for instrumentalists to sit on, for examples. There’s sheet music for the violins that is different than sheet music for the guitarists, etc. But all the instrumentalists need the music in the same key. Sometimes we have the right song, but the wrong key or the violinist has the song in a different key than the guitarist. That doesn’t work unless one of them can transpose from the wrong key to the right key as they play. What a blessing those folks are!

          Winsome people are another blessing, too. Those folks radiate a countenance of warmth toward others, an acceptance of others and an interest in the interests of others. Winsome folks have a cheery way of saying heavy words. They have a tasteful, attractive way of carrying on a conversation. Winsome folks bring light to people and to situations that are dark. Heavy hearts are lightened. Furrowed brows are smoothed. Troubled souls are eased. All these benefits because someone chooses to respectfully smile and laugh, rather than frown and growl. Winsome folks are a blessing.

         The purpose of people is to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and to love other people as they love themselves. So be a blessing to God and to others by being readily helpful and flexible. And when the bad situations come, bring your respectful smiles and laughs to the situation. The rest of the people involved will be blessed.

Happy blessing God and others!


                                                                        Doug Johnson