Because Life Is More than Money

     June 3rd was my 40th anniversary with Guaranty. It is a great and wonderful career for me. I’m offering to you in this edition my background, if you want to read it. Even if you don’t, it helps me consider again, in hindsight, God’s hand in guiding my life.

     My roots go back to a farm family at Andover, IA. My parents, four siblings, grandparents and the farm were a great incubator for my youth. Family and Faith Lutheran Church introduced me to God and showed me His love and His call on me to faith in His Son. Elk River 4-H Club with the county and state 4-H organizations helped me develop my interest in beef cattle that began on our family farm. Through 4-H cattle shows I met Drs. Don Good and Miles McKee of the Animal Sciences Department staff at Kansas State University.

     Kansas State U was a greenhouse environment for my interest in farming, particularly beef cattle.  At K-State God was showing me my future – I was an animal science major at silo tech (one of K-State’s nick names) living in Haymaker Hall with my roommate Frederick Farmer. In my sophomore year I joined FarmHouse Fraternity.) The people of KSU and FarmHouse are among those who most fertilized and watered my life to be what it is today.

     Through Collegiate 4-H Club at K-State I met a farm girl from Stafford, KS. She later became my wife. She was a member of Clovia, a 4-H scholarship house.

     God was showing me through all this I was going to be involved with ag and farming in some way.

     In my senior year at KSU Vern Geisler, the placement center guy for ag students, strongly encouraged seniors to take every interview opportunity that came our way. So when Guaranty Bank in Beloit called for the placement center to send out some ag students to interview for a banking job I complied. But, I had no interest in a banking job, I was a farm boy headed for a career in cattle nutrition or genetics or something like that, I thought. In April of my senior year I received a job offer from a livestock feed company and from Guaranty to be its farm representative. After much wondering what I should do and unsuccessfully trying to get my parents to make the decision for me, I chose the banking job in Beloit. That was 1974.

     I am grateful that I have never second-guessed my choice. Over the years it became more and more obvious I was where God would bless me, and I was doing what God would bless.

     In Guaranty I consider myself her chief steward. That’s the best label, I think, for my job description. My responsibility is to steward Guaranty to help her fulfill God’s purpose to serve her employees, customers, stockholders and suppliers.

     Besides enjoying that challenge, I enjoy being a husband to Janet, a dad to my children and their spouses, and a grandpa to my grandchildren. Some of the rest of my time, interest and energy is invested coordinating the worship ministry of Beloit First Christian Church. My favorite movie is “What’s Up Doc”. It’s about a nerd (like me) from Iowa. I laugh at “The Lockhorns” comic strip and thank God that my marriage is not like theirs.

     Happy reflecting on God’s hand in your life!

                                                                        Doug Johnson