Because Life Is More than Money

The big picture, the view from 30,000 feet, an executive briefing or summary - whatever you call it, here’s my layman’s attempt at typing words to describe the universe, the people in it and what God is up to. One author I read would call this a “picture from 50,000 feet up”.

God uncreated, always-existing, outside the limits of time and space, decided to design and create from nothing. The universe was made. God described what He had made as good. God made Adam’s body from dirt and breathed into him life. God planted a garden for Adam to work and care for.  God gave one rule to Adam – eat anything you want from My garden except fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of that tree your penalty is death, God told Adam.  God made Eve from Adam’s body to be his suitable helper. The universe and Adam and Eve were peaceful and cooperatively working just as God created them to do. Satan tempted Eve to break God’s one rule. She did and so did Adam. The peace and cooperation between God and His creation was shattered. God relented and did not kill Adam and Eve. He evicted them from His garden. He cursed Adam with toilsome work to produce food and clothing. He cursed Eve with greatly increased pains in childbearing. Ever since the eviction from the garden God has been working to restore the peace and cooperation of His universe and make peace between Himself and all members of Adam’s family. But, God demanded payment of the penalty for breaking His one rule. Jesus, God’s only Son, came to earth as a Man to pay that penalty. He lived on earth among us without breaking any of God’s rules. He was crucified by members of Adam’s family. He died and was entombed. Because Jesus broke none of God’s law, death could not keep Him. Jesus rose from death back to life. God accepted Jesus’ bloody death as payment for all of Adam’s family. God offers to all members of Adam’s family who believe Jesus restoration back to a peaceful cooperative relationship with Himself. Jesus went back to live with His Father. Jesus sent in His place the Holy Spirit to enable and empower us to receive the faith in Jesus God offers us. The Holy Spirit further equips us to tell all the other members of Adam’s family about Jesus and His payment for God’s penalty against them so they too can be at peace with their Creator. Jesus promised to return to gather all of the members of Adam’s family who believe Him and take them back to the garden to work and care for it. Thus God will have restored His creation back to the perfect peace and joy it had when He first created it. Until Jesus returns, God continues to show the same mercy to Adam’s family as He did to Adam at his first sin – God does not kill us for our sin.

God is for us and He desires us to have peace and joy. We have the best, the fullest, the “funnest”, the happiest joy and peace when we live God’s way. God designed and made the universe and all that is in it. It is all His and things go best when done His way. He did not sell His creation to Satan or abandon it at the first sin against Him. He has that right, but He didn’t do it. Rather God is restoring His creation. By faith we can be the beneficiaries of God’s restoration.

Have a joyful journey back to the garden where all is peace and joy!

                                                                        Doug Johnson