Because Life Is More than Money 

            As I’m typing this it’s 100 degrees plus outside! So, here’s a cold topic.

           Warning – “Cold” as in “Cold Cash” is much more than the temperature of the cash. “Cold” also describes you and me when we have physical contact with cash. We feel colder.

           Preliminary findings and observations from a psychology experiment suggest that we actually feel colder than we otherwise would when we have cash in our hands. But the “cold” doesn’t stop with just feeling colder. We actually become colder in attitude, personality and countenance. “Cold Cash” makes us “Cold Hearted”.

          The feel of cash translates into us feeling more autonomous and less helpful to others. Even talking about, reading about and writing about money tended to bring on this colder state of feeling and of heart/attitude. This cooling of our hearts towards others was noticed in all age groups. Even three year olds when holding real cash noticeably became less playful with the other children tending rather to play alone.

         The Bible warns us to take care so money does not draw us to itself and away from God and others. Ecclesiastes 5:10 reads, “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money.”  Matthew 6:21 reads, “Your heart will always be where your treasure is.” Matthew 6:24 reads, “You cannot worship God and money both.” I Timothy 6:10 reads, “People who long to be rich soon begin to do all kinds of wrong things to get money.”

        Treasure money and your heart will be with your money. Treasure God and others and your heart will be with God and others. Cash coins and currency does not have a health and heart warning inscribed on it. God, however, had many warnings about money printed in His word. So, I pray you will take heed.

        This might give you a word picture for this message. In the experiment participants placed their hands in a bowl of 98.6F water. Then the participants placed their hands in a bowl of money. Then the bowl of water was cooled to 86F. The participants placed their hands back into the bowl of cooled water while it was being heated back to 98.6F. Participants were asked to signal when they felt the temperature of the water was back up to 98.6F. The participants always over-estimated the temperature of the water.  They guessed it to be 98.6F before it actually was that temperature. The “Cold Cash” kind of recalibrated downward the participants’ sensitivity to temperature. Just like our body feels warm in a 60 degree room when we have been outside in frigid temperatures.

        Be warned – money can cool your heart and thus freeze out God and others.

        Life is more, much more than money! Love money and it will freeze, sometimes to death, your relationships with God and others.

        Happy keeping money in its place in your life so your heart is in its rightful place.


                                                                        Doug Johnson