Because Life Is More than Money

When in an “alligator”-infested situation, those who lose their cool, lose! Composure, poise, a cool head, clear thinking help preserve and protect life and assets.

I Peter 4:7, maybe can be typed this way and still accurately communicate God’s heart, When all hell breaks loose, be clear-minded and self-controlled so that you can pray on the run.  And I Peter 5:8 might be stated with these words - Keep a cool head. Be watching and ready! Satan and other dangers are lurking to ambush you.

Earthly life has its safe, calm, maybe even boring times. Earthly life has its dangerous, frenzied times and even times of life or death struggles. I offer for your consideration that God’s way for us for these extremes of life and the in-between times of life is to be well prepared, not caught-off-guard and untrained.

Some soldiers who experienced combat described their military experience as 90% boredom and 10% life-or-death struggle. But the boring, monotonous training drills, planning and preparation enabled them to be effective in combat. God offers to train and drill us and offers us plans and preparation that will enable us to be effective in earthly life’s combat. Do not be fooled, we are in a war. A war - God and His good way versus Satan and his bad way and the evil desires of our own flesh. Life is a war.

The training and drill of Bible study and prayer is God’s preparation of us for the war we are in. The training and drill is sometimes boring, mundane, dry and monotonous. But do it and keep on doing it anyway. The disciplined routine will pay off for us like the soldiers said it did for them. For the soldiers the drills prepared their muscles and mind to instinctively react to battle situations to enable them to effectively carry out their orders. Bible study and prayer prepare our muscles, mind and heart to more and more instinctively choose Godly responses to life’s battles.

God’s way is not always to deliver us from the “alligators” and battles, though He is able with just a word. But His way is always to give us peace as we deal with the “alligators” and fight the battles. His peace and His enablement come out of the drills of Bible study and prayer that sometimes are mind-numbingly monotonous.

One of my routines in my quiet time is to ask God to prepare me in heart, mind, wisdom, strength, emotions, perseverance and will for the day ahead.  Sometimes God responds by prompting me to read another Bible passage or to pray specifically about something. I try to comply, though I really want to get on into the day and do something! Experience has taught me though, that doing something, dealing with “alligators” and fighting battles without preparation and practice is foolish and seldom ends well. “God is working in you [and me], giving [us] the desire to obey Him and the power to do what pleases Him.” (Philippians 2:13) Let us cooperate with Him.

Happy letting God drill and prepare you for your “alligators” and battles!

                                                                        Doug Johnson