Because Life Is More than Money              

This story has been told and typed and written many times. I think it is worth repeating for it includes an important truth about God’s economy. President Reagan used the story when he received national and state FFA officers at the White House that included folks from Kansas. Nearer to us Art Duerksen, CEO of Farmway Coop, included it in his address to the patrons at the coop’s annual meeting in May. President Reagan even had Kansas be the setting for the story. Here’s how he told it.

 “Okay. This takes place in Kansas. There was an old Kansas farmer there. He had a piece of creek bottom land that had never been developed at all—it was all rocks and brush and all messed up. And he started in on it, clearing it—the underbrush, and hauling away the rocks, then cultivating the soil there. And he planted a garden—everything from vegetables on to corn, and it really became a garden spot. And he was pretty proud of what he'd done. So, one Sunday morning in church after the service he asked the preacher if he wouldn't stop by to have a look. Well, the preacher arrived. And he took one look and he said, ‘Oh, this is wonderful.’ He said, ‘These are the biggest tomatoes I've ever seen. Praise the Lord.’ And he said, ‘Those green beans, that squash, those melons.’ He said, ‘The Lord really has blessed this place. And look at the height of that corn.’ He said, ‘God has really been good.’ And the old boy was listening to all this, and he was getting more and more fidgety and finally he blurted out, ‘Reverend, I wish you could have seen it when the Lord was doing it by Himself.’

See if this scripture helps you appreciate the farmer’s part in reclaiming the field for a good use. “…there was no one to farm the land…Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the earth and blew the breath of life into his nostrils. The man became a living being….Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to farm the land and to take care of it.” from Genesis 2:5-15.

God set up His economy, His plan, if you will, to include an important role for us. Of course, God could farm and bank and manufacture, provide child care, provide medical care, etc. all without us. But He doesn’t. And He doesn’t because that is the way He planned it to be. God wants our work, our efforts, to matter in how things go.

Your and my efforts and skills when fully employed can turn field of rocks, weeds and waste into a productive farm. Likewise we can help sick people get well. And we can turn financial distress into financial success. God can do all of that without us. But, He doesn’t. We have an important job description in God’s economy.

Happy fulfilling your God-given job description to the best of your God-given energy, talents, skills and wisdom.

                                                                                                            Doug Johnson