Because Life Is More than Money              

Here’s a 5P recipe for daily life and for life’s special stuff.

Ingredients needed are: Praying, Pondering, Planning, Practicing/preparing and Presenting

Do you believe that prayer without personal responsibility and personal action is preposterous and presumes that God will do both His part and our part. And, do you believe also that taking personal responsibility and action without prayer is preposterous. If so, this recipe should be a good one for you. For me, it’s one of my most frequently used recipes for life’s daily stuff and for the special stuff. I highly recommended it.

Here’s the recipe for daily living. Begin by Praying that you will follow hard after Jesus. (Luke 9:23) Then add Pondering. That is, thinking about obeying Jesus and trusting Him to lead you through your day. (Proverbs 4:26) To praying and pondering add Planning. That is, intentionally plan and organize your day so your plans align with God’s plans.  (Proverbs 4:26 and 21:5) To praying, pondering and planning add practicing/preparing. Practicing and preparing include reading the Bible or a devotional or listening to talks and songs that teach and re-enforce God’s love for me and God’s ways for me to live. (Psalm 119:105 and I Peter 1:13) To praying, pondering, planning and practicing/preparing, add Presenting. That is, humbly present yourself to God for the day ahead with something like, “Lord, I’m ready to follow You through this day. Please take my hand and lead me. When I let go of You, please keep Your grip on me. So, let’s do this, Lord!” (II Timothy 2:15)

Repeat the above recipe for the special stuff of life, except specifically pray, ponder, plan, practice/prepare and present whatever it is that is special or outside your normal daily stuff. For me the special stuff is significant business meetings and helping coordinate the weekly worship services for my church and out-of-the-ordinary stuff for my family and others close around me.

Praying this 5P recipe helps you!

Doug Johnson